Peace of mind

Managed Wifi Service

  • Identify Needs

  • Establish Goals

  • Create Rules

  • Enjoy the Experience

Why you need it

Ensuring your Internet connection is there when you want it . Wi-Fi router included.

Not all Internet traffic is equal. Probably more important than downloading a file is a clear Skype call. The quality of service feature on our router lets you prioritize the things you care about, so they happen faster than the things you don't. Our managed Wi-Fi service is an excellent tool that sets up quality of service rules, to ensure that your streaming doesn't suffer because of a Windows update, or a file download. It ensures your gaming experience isn't sluggish, or that your work laptop works when you are trying to meet a last minute deadline. When your home or business bandwidth is given out as wanted by an application, without much regard for what each application is doing that causes problems; because without quality of service established, they don't even know about each other. Establishing parameters for quality of service ensures a great Internet experience.

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