Residential Internet

Affordable, easy to install, wireless Internet service. Speeds range from 5mb per second through 100mb per second. Higher speeds available with a longer term contract.

Digital Video

Information about different types of video streaming, bandwidth requirements and our service plans that support them.

Managed Wifi Service

Cameras, phones, laptops, tablets; DirecTv, Dish; doorbells, garage door openers; televisions, game systems, the list goes on; all contend for wireless airwaves on your network. Ensuring each has a good signal and ensuring one doesn't interfere with the other is becoming increasingly important in the digital age.

Network Security

Any device connected to any other device opens both devices to bad actors. We detect and mitigate attacks coming at us and our customers every day. Being on the front line so to speak of fighting off those bad actors makes our team uniquely qualified to secure your systems.

Business Class Internet

We offer speeds ranging from 5mb per second to 350mb per second. Have 24X7 support with a guaranteed 2 hour response time.

VoIP Service

We offer from a single phone line to multi-location video conferencing phone and communication systems. All with unlimited usage, no long distance fees in North America, low long distance fees for other International calling.

Hosting Services

We host more than 5,000 email accounts and 100's of mail domains, support web based e-mail, host web sites for multiple companies, and e-commerce applications for those selling on the web.

Technical Support

Available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for business customers. From 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday for our residential service.