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Network Security Services

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Having any kind of online presence exposes you and your systems to outside threats, at Portative Technologies we have been securing systems over the Internet for 17 years and have more than 30 years communications experience. We've watched these threats evolve, and our knowledge and skills of mitigating these issues has done the same.

Hacking and electronic crimes sophistication is consistently growing at an exponential rate. Recent reports have indicated cybercrime already surpasses illegal drug trade! Unethical hackers, better known as "black hat hackers", are preying on information systems of government, corporate, public, and private networks and are constantly testing security mechanisms of organizations to the limit with the sole aim of exploiting them and profiting from the exercise. High profile crimes have proven that the traditional approach to computer security is simply not sufficient, even with the stongest perimeter; properly configured defense mechanisms such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems; strong end to end encryption standards; and anti-virus software.

Advanced Threats In Your Network

Time To Go Hunting!

We have the advanced skills to hunt, identify, counter, and recover from a wide range of threats within enterprise networks, including advanced persistent threats, organized crime syndicates, and hactivists. We use advanced threat hunting to catch intrusions in progress, instead of after attackers have completed their objectives.

Minimum recommended Protection

To help better protect yourself we ask that all customers at a minimum have current and updated antivirus software as well as malware detection software. The two services that we recommend are Avast! Free Anti-Virus software and Malwarebytes Free Anti-Malware software. Of course, if you can find the money in your budget the paid version of each of those programs will come with some added features. An example of one of those features would be with the paid version of Malwarebytes you do not have to manually update and scan your machine, it does so in real time.

Links to their free versions below.

Link for Avast!

Link for Malwarebytes!