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Video streaming has taken over the Internet.

Information about video streaming

Each video service requires something entirely different. Netflix does rather well on our 5mb plan; typically consuming about 1-2mb for standard definition and 2-3mb for high definition.

Others like YoutubeTV, Hulu and Roku do well in our middle package; consuming 5-6mb per stream.

Still others like Amazon Prime, DirecTv and Dish require the most bandwidth; typically consuming 12-15mb for each stream.

Some play fair with your Internet, others don't, and will take all they can get, as Microsoft does when it comes to Windows updates. They will saturate your Internet for short bursts of time, playing havoc with gaming and other real time applications.

We offer a managed wifi service which controls these applications so they play fair with each other.

All video services require a separate subscription through a third party. Portative does NOT provide these services directly. We do, however, support Net Neutrality and will not slow down, block access, or favor one service over the other.